exr2aces [options] infile outfile


Read an OpenEXR file from infile and save the contents in ACES image file outfile.

The ACES image file format is a subset of the OpenEXR file format. ACES image files are restricted as follows:

  • Images are stored as scanlines; tiles are not allowed.

  • Images contain three color channels, either R, G, B (red, green, blue) or Y, RY, BY (luminance, sub-sampled chroma)

  • Images may optionally contain an alpha channel.

  • Only three compression types are allowed:

    • NO_COMPRESSION (file is not compressed)

    • PIZ_COMPRESSION (lossless)

    • B44A_COMPRESSION (lossy)

  • The “chromaticities” header attribute must specify the ACES RGB primaries and white point.


-v, --verbose

verbose mode

-h, --help

print this message


print version information