exrmultiview [options] viewname1 infile1 viewname2 infile2 ... outfile


Combine two or more single-view OpenEXR image files into a single multi-view image file. On the command line, each single-view input image is specified together with a corresponding view name. The first view on the command line becomes the default view. Example:

exrmultiview left imgL.exr right imgR.exr imgLR.exr

Here, imgL.exr and imgR.exr become the left and right views in output file imgLR.exr. The left view becomes the default view.


-z x

sets the data compression method to x (none/rle/zip/piz/pxr24/b44/b44a/dwaa/dwab, default is piz)


verbose mode

-h, --help

print this message


print version information